Positive advice for Dansateliers from the Rotterdam Council for Arts and Culture

We are delighted  to share with you the lovely news that the Rotterdam Council for Arts and Culture, has advised to again grant Dansateliers with structural funding by the Rotterdam City Council for the coming 4-years, 2021-2024.

We recognize ourselves in the tone of voice and the language used in the advice. We very much appreciate the acknowledgement by the Council of the hard work that was done by an extreme small core team in the past few years.

The Council says: ‘Dansateliers has strengthened its position as a dancehouse. The choice making for the artists is very clear. Dansateliers has become more visible and knows how to provide trajectories that assure continuation of a career. The Council is very pleased to see how Dansateliers finds ways to share knowledge within the various partnerships the organization has engaged itself in. The applicant succeeds in finding a wider range of audience members. Dansateliers has proven itself to be of high value in the city of Rotterdam, but also nationally and internationally. As an experimental dance production house, Dansateliers has a remarkable position.’ The Council also acknowledges that the organization is highly regarded as an experimental dance productionhouse.

The Council appreciates the choice making and the quality Dansateliers has been able to assure, which, according to the Council, has been made possible by the open, neutral and pro-active attitude of the organization.  The Council speaks of trajectories that are clearly described and in line with the vision and the activities.

The full text is only available in Dutch. You can find it here .