Advice for Dansateliers given by the national Arts Council

Yesterday Dansateliers received a negative advice by the national Arts Council, based on the application to be financed as a development centre as part of the Basic Infrastructure of arts and culture in the Netherlands. After years of building this beautiful organization, a natural momentum was created to grow, for which we are more than ready. 

Therefore we are ever so disappointed with the advice that was given yesterday by the national Arts Council. We were set back by it and needed some time to process the wording of it. We are reflecting on how to react, as the advice doesn’t justify the power and ambition of the plan as we wrote it and the steady and thorough developing a solid organization. An organization that was built with a lot of care, in order to support a beautiful pallet of contemporary dance artists. We do congratulate all organizations who did receive a positive advice that will enable them to realize their plans.

We will not loose our courage and ofcourse we will keep on moving. We have searched for means, resources and ways on many different levels in the past couple of years to be able to blossom and flourish, togehter with our artists. We always find ways, but we were so ready for more secured funding, to allow some calm and peace and more man/womanpower in the office. There are two more rounds of advices, in August the Performing Arts funds will publicize their advices and the first one to come is the Rotterdam Arts Council presenting her advices for Rotterdam on June 17th.