Merel Heering associate dramaturge at Dansateliers    

Since January 2021, Merel Heering is associate dramaturge to Dansateliers. Through her independent practice as a (dance)dramaturge and consultant, she aims to contribute to creating a more inclusive cultural field. Questioning modes of operation of artists and cultural institutions is at the heart of her work. 

‘In my work I currently try to do two things at the same time: empowering people to find their own voice, while also raising awareness around the fact that every voice is just one amongst a variety of perspectives on dance and the world. That’s where the dialogue starts.’

At Dansateliers, Merel contributes to the current transformation of the organization in becoming a more inclusive and self-managing organization, in collaboration with our associate artists. She advocates for a multiplicity of voices: in the team, in (international) projects for which she is responsible such as One Night’s Dance and Empowering Dance 2, and in initiating and (co)curating new projects on the development and sharing of knowledge and dance dramaturgy.

Merel has been connected to the house for more than ten years as a freelance dramaturge. ‘It has been a mutual desire to find a more structural base for the fruitful collaboration we have had so far. It is a bliss that we have the resources for that now, says director Kristin de Groot.

Merel has an (inter)national independent practice as a consultant with expertise in (dance) dramaturgy, curation and diversity & inclusion. She has curated festivals such as Theater aan Zee (BE) and Jonge Harten (NL) and holds extensive experience in both designing and leading talent development trajectories for dance- and performance artists, for amongst others B Motion Festival (IT) and Dance & Dramaturgy EU. Next to her associate position for Dansateliers, she is also associate dramaturge of Théâtre Sevelin (CH).