Home isolation with…Kristin de Groot

Where and how do we find inspiration, do our job and keep on dancing and moving forward during the coronacrisis? Various dance artists and employees will give their take on that in the coming weeks. This week: director of Dansateliers Kristin de Groot.

 What keeps you occupied during the coronacrisis?

“I am trying to get my head around the situation we are in and what that means for us, of course for our art form, but especially for humanity and how we will live and work in the future on a global level. I really hope change for the good will come after this crisis; revaluation of crucial professions, care for the environment and the right attention for the climate change, revaluation of arts, adjustments in the global system of politics and agreeing on issues/challenges in solidarity.

I do worry about the one and half meter economy that we are facing for a while, as it is hard to match with the physical interaction that happens on a daily base in our studio’s. Which is also our struggle in trying to remain visible as an organization as physical proximity is the essence of our art form, but we really do want to stay in touch with our lovely audience members.

I am thinking of ways to adapt projects in such way that we can present it to smaller groups of audiences, but it is not the restriction under which I hope to work for a long time. In the mean time I am communicating a lot with people about all the canceled activities, the consequences thereof, how to further plan, how to write applications in this very insecure circumstance we’re in and also what it means physically.

I really miss my daily routine, especially the physical displacements that come along with it, from home to the office, finding my way to the studio to chitchat with the artists, from the office to meetings somewhere else for which I always depart too late so I need to bike really fast, but also the little chats in the office, welcoming the audience, collaborating with artists and partners on projects. I am sure I am not the only one wanting to go back to work as normal.”

Would you like to share a quarantaine-arttip with us? 

“A couple of weeks ago I went to the bookstore Donner as I was fearing a total lockdown. One of the books I bought was Mens/Onmens, written by brilliant thinker and writer Bas Heijne. It’s a book in which he researches the great obsessions of our time; truth and identity. He is asking questions like: how can we be solidary in a world that is more and more scattered. Quite a book to be reading in these bizarre times.

And, in relation to the change I am hoping for, a tip to watch Kijken bij de Rijken broadcasted through VPRO’s Tegenlicht. It is known but it is good to have it spelled out; a documentary on the richest amongst us, who pay way too little taxes, as tax evasion is part of dealing with the loads of money they have, but do want to ‘do good’ and fight injustice in the world.”

Image: Paul Sixta