Female solos on the second day of Moving Futures Festival!

Meet new female choreographic talent during the second day of Moving Futures in Rotterdam! Heather Ware and Hilde Elbers present The Beauty of Falling Apart in the Pauluskerk. After that you can visit Theater Rotterdam – location Schouwburg, for the double program Fading Fire by Lois Alexander and Hope & Heavy Metal by Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiassen.

Mental experiment

In the Pauluskerk Heather Ware and Hilde Elbers present their performance The Beauty of Falling Apart. They are intrigued by the moment when the power of nature turns from liberating to threatening, when our own insignificance is put to the test and the drive for survival takes over. This exposure requires us to find our own safety.

Departing from this shared theme, Hilde and Heather created two radically different solos for each other, with Heather dancing in Hilde’s work and Hilde in Heather’s work.

The Beauty of Falling Apart is a mental experiment through the body. It is an unusual and yet seductively precise exercise in how two individuals strive to find trust, to inhabit the thin edge of being just safe enough.

Smashing patriarchy

Fading Fire by Lois Alexander is a work in progress that takes on the theme of fire. With the piece the maker confronts the audience with the complexities between nature and humans. Lois Alexander graduated at The Juilliard School in New York, USA and is currently based in Amsterdam.

In the physical and musical solo Hope & Heavy Metal, Sigrid Stigsdatter researches excisting ideas around the female body. How does a body deal with loneliness, anger and sensuality? Hope & Heavy Metal is a legitimate attempt to recover the mastery over the body. A  soft call to smash patriarchy for good.

On February 21st you can see the performances in Theater Rotterdam and the Pauluskerk. Buy your tickets for The Beauty of Falling apart here. Buy your tickets for the double programme Hope & Heavy Metal / Fading Fire here.

Beeld The Beauty of Falling Apart: William van der Voort
Beeld Fading Fire: Thomas Lenden