Dear audience…

Dear dance lovers, friends, loyal visitors, colleagues,

It’s an empty house, without you. We miss all the people we work with, our public and the thirty people dancing around every Monday in the movement class. It felt unreal to cancel the three-day Moving Futures Festival in Rotterdam and not be able to show you the lovely works we had prepared and programmed. And it will remain quiet for the coming two months at least.

After the first measurements were announced, it took us some time to reset. We started with cancelling all the planned performances, workshops, premieres, movement classes and the atelier Practicing Dance Dramaturgy and communicated the consequences to all people involved.

Last week we did anticipate worst case scenarios, hoping they would not become reality. By now we have come to realize that after this weeks’ measurements, the theater season has come to an end, at least until June 1st. That is strange to realize, a new reality to adapt to and has a huge impact on us all.

You are used to receiving our newsletter and announcements on a very regular base, because we want to keep you informed about the many activities we usually are involved in. Even though physical proximity is crucial for the art form we work in, we will find ways to inform and inspire you through our online channels in the coming months, as we will not be able to meet physically soon.

For now, stay healthy and safe.

Kristin de Groot
Directeur Dansateliers

Foto: Thijs Huizer