Mémoire d’un Oubli

In Mémoire d’un Oubli choreographer Robin Lamothe tells the story of two isolated and lost individuals. As if the only two survivals in a forgoten nightclub, two creatures that roam around following their own codes.

Kristin de Groot, director Dansateliers, invited Robin for a short residency in Rotterdam prior to the première.

“The piece Mémoire d’un Oubli caught my attention because of its simple and consistent proposition. It has a direct reference to social dancing, that triggers the imagination, affects the senses in a kinaesthetic way and mesmerizes by the use of a set of ongoing ‘feel good’ movements. There is a clarity to the choreography, that is supported by nuanced, subtle and thoughtful compositional choice making.”

To conclude the short residency in Dansateliers Robin Lamothe shares his work during a studiopresentation on Thursday December 20th, at 17.00.
Curious? You can attend the presentation for free. Reservations can be made via info@dansateliers.nl

Mémoire d’un Oubli will première at KLAP in Marseille, France from Januari 1-11, 2019.

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