At work in our studio’s: Tyrone Rickey-Lee/Tylee and Lisanne Smits (together TYLIS), Argil Randon & Hassani le Couvreur and Jim Buskens.

All dance artists are gathered in the project Kersvers (Cherry Fresh). You may have seen or have heard from Argil & Hassani and Jim, who already participated in last year’s One Night’s Dance. In that exact same period, Ty was on an internship in our house. Within Kersvers they are given the opportunity to deepen their artistic research, for which they receive artistic coaching from Lloyd Marengo, artistic leader of Lloyds Company and Jiaxin Chen – in short: Jaz – , our new dramaturg. Merel Heering has started them up in a shared day on origin, authenticity and personal references. She will also guide them all in an in between feedback session.  

At the end of February 2022, TYLIS and Argil & Hassani presented their work in the Theaterstudio of Dansateliers.
TYLIS with DOSA dance of two people, two souls, two voids, who will never become one, but float together through space as a twoness.

Argil & Hassani presented Exceeding Digital InfoxicationTwo humanoids are created to take over the world. They take you into their world of infinite access to (digital) information that can lead to infoxication.

Images: Brandon Gravenberch

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