Tyrone Rickey-Lee/Tylee

Tyrone Rickey-Lee/Tylee started as a self-taught dancer by taking dance classes at the Hiphop House at the age of 18. Here, he learned the basics of different styles associated with Hip Hop, specialising in Popping technique and Hip Hop dance. He comes from a street culture, a competition and performance culture, started with lessons in the Netherlands, to do competitions and shows abroad. In America, he discovered the physical possibilities that dancers have. He then started with ballet and followed his training at Codarts.

Now Tyrone is examining who he is as a maker and which language goes with it. During the Kersversvers programme, together with his partner Lisanne Smits (together TYLIS), he was able to deepen his artistic research under intensive supervision with attention to origin, individuality and personal references. The presentations are in February 2022.

Photo: Arie Bon Photography