Danslokaal 8

Choreographer Andreas Hannes makes a work for the eighth edition of DANSLOKAAL.

DANSLOKAAL 8 is an annual talent development project of Conny Janssen Danst in collaboration with Dansateliers and Korzo productions. During the project, three choreographers will have the opportunity to develop new work for and with the dancers of the company. This year Dansateliers invited Andreas Hannes to participate in DANSLOKAAL 8. In addition, Dalton Jansen (Conny Janssen Danst) and Antonin Rioche (Korzo) take part in the project.

Andreas Hannes created a performance entitled: ‘Warping Soul’.
To “warp” is to bend or turn from the direction or course. In Star Trek, for example, starships enter warp to travel. In this show, that is inspired by the practice of continuous skipping, the dancers emerge within a space that is constantly in transit. In the mercy of external forces, they move within movement. Through the disorientation and organisation of bodies and space, movement becomes a dance of potential transformations and narratives.

Volkskrant: “The most fascinating contribution to Danslokaal 8 is by choreography talent Andreas Hannes” by Annette Embrechts
Het Parool: “This was the best performing art of 2020” by Jacq Algra
Movement Exposed: “Warping Soul is an exhilarating watch” by Bregtje Schudel
Het Parool: “Warping Soul is alienating and of an otherworldly beauty.” by Fritz de Jong
Theaterkrant: “The beat fires the dancers to an increasingly fierce dance language.” by Kester Freriks

Foto: Salih Kilic

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