Movement Class XL – Mor Shani

Especially for the start of our 25th anniversary celibration we invited choreographer Mor Shani, who has been living and working in Tel Aviv, Israel since 2015, to present his 2011 piece Flatland in Theater Rotterdam. On the Sunday prior to the theatre-program we asked Mor to share his unique working method during the Movement Class XL. In a packed studio Mor took an enthusiastic crowd on an inspiring and uplifting movement exploration.

“I love the way Mor was able to move people by using only a few sentences and how he created a safe space.”

“Such beautiful movers. All ages melted together with no judgement whatsoever.” 

“I was moved by the way we could connect and the ways of looking, seeing and observing each other.

“By using our eyes as a camera I realized that I was able to see much more details than the ones I already saw.”

“I was touched by the group, the trust in each other, the room and Mor and his instructions. So beautiful; loads of echoes and resonance.”

Thank you all of you that came. Curious about the workshop? Check out the pictures below. The next Movement Class XL takes place on Sunday November 4th and is taught by Ingrid Berger Myhre and Lasse Passage Nøsted. More information here.