premières clara + singular

On Friday March 16th we present the premières of Clara by Natalia de Miguel and Singular by Johanna Tengan. The two engaging solo’s are developed as part of a new exhange program between Dansateliers, Rotterdam and the Spanish art centre Azkuna Zentroa in Bilbao.

In Clara, Natalia de Miguel presents a clinical laboratory in which a displaced body is looking for lost spirit. The solo is inspired by the book Clara and the gloom by José Carlos Somoza. In the book the human body is literally been put to use as a canvas for the artist. It is transformed into a work of art through the annulment of its personality, its patterns of behaviour and all physical and psychic needs. The body is deprived of everything human: the soul, its features, the ability to cry or to sweat. As maker ánd performer Natalia finds herself in a special situation. A physical dialogue between creator and creation. Natalia de Miguel (1986, ES) studied Contemporary dance in both Bilbao and London. Next to that she got a BA in Audiovisual Communication. As a performer/maker she has been involved with different projects in a.o. Bilbao, Beirut and London.

With Singular Johanna Tengan takes us into a physical and intuitive world of language, imagination and wonder, inspired by the work of Belgium poet Herman de Coninck (1944-1997). De Coninck’s words are simple yet complex, playfully put together, and sometimes totally paradoxical. “Singular” seeks to create a poetic world where the imagined and the real speak a common language. Johanna Tengan (1996, BE). Since 2014 she is a student at the ArtEZ Dance-academie in Arnhem, NL. Dansateliers selected her for this project because of her versatile abilities and devotion as a maker and performer and her poetic approach towards dance.

Fr 16 March (NL première) – 19.30u
Location: TR Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Kleine Zaal
Tickets: rotterdamseschouwburg.n

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