Watch online: Le Faune

From today on, you can see the poetic short dance film Le Faune by Joseph Simon three days online on Vimeo! The film was programmed for Cinedans last weekend, but of course could not be on show there anymore. That’s why we’d love to show the film in another way.

Le Faune is a fantasy-world on film, based on the ballet L’après-midi d’un Faune by Vaslav Nijinski. In this ballet, that was produced in 1912, Nijinsky took a new direction and broke with the usual, flowy dance-code in ballet. His original style, rectangular and with slightly sexually tinted movements caused a commotion amongst the audience and press. In his film Le Faune, just like Nijinski, Joseph Simon incorporates foreign influences to the code of ballet to come to new kinds of expression. With this he creates an enchanting dance-film about voyeurism, intimacy and sexuality.

Watch the film via the link:

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