Nieuwe Makersregeling for Ingrid Berger Myhre

Just before Christmas we received fantastic news: choreographer Ingrid Berger Myhre received the Nieuwe Makersregeling from the Performing Arts Fund! This means that she will be financially supported for two years and can develop herself as a maker at Dansateliers.

Ingrid is very grateful for this oppurtunity: β€œDe Nieuwe Makers Regeling gives me the opportunity to strengthen the craftsmanship of my work through both production and reflection. It enables us to deepen the trustful collaboration with Dansateliers, which will help me find new pockets in my artistic practice, as well as navigate new territories in the field of choreography at large. But most importantly, De Nieuwe Makers Regeling ensures continuity; a crucial and these days also rare element to artistic development.”

The first project that Ingrid will produce with support of the Nieuwe Makersregeling will be the performance Panflutes & Paperwork, in which she, together with composer Lasse Passage, explores the relationship between music and dance.

De Nieuwe Makersregeling from the Performing Arts Fund is meant for talented makers that want to develop themselves in a longer trajectory,

Image: Sara Anke