Looking back: studio presentations

Last weekend Andreas Hannes and Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiassen shared their choreographic researches. After a two week working period in our the studios, the two choreographers proposed very different outcomes.. Sigrid shared her research about privacy: to what extent can a performer keep some sort of privacy, whilst showing something publically? And how is privacy perceived by the viewer and when is privacy intruded, either by the performer or the audience member? In an open discussion Sigrid shared these issues and reveiced the thoughts and experiences of the audience about this in return.

Then Andreas showed the start of a choreography based on the practice of skipping. Andreas researched the possibilities and showed us how one can skip; marching, happy, fast, slow and in reverse. Even thouth the work is meant for four performers, this past weekend he showed a version with two performers, proposing various patterns that generated a hypnotic experience in which you could not let go of the dancers.  Take a look at the pics!