Looking back and forward

Time flies by. Take a look back in time with Kristin de Groot and take a look forward to an exiting new year. The coming season will be Dansateliers’ 25th anniversary! 

By: Kristin de Groot

Heading up for a 25th anniversary, we asked ourselves how, – as an organization for artist development-, we are we still relevant today. While thinking of the answer, we realized that the organisation and its structure have been adapted several times throughout its history, responding to the ever changing world around us and the constellation, (financial and organisational) structure and possibilities of the arts field within that world. Hence the reason why we chose to use the title Gaining New Perspectives; exercises for body and mind as the umbrella for our celebration season. We will offer programming that could help one to take in another perspective, both physically and mentally, and how that affects the way we look at the world. As a kick off, we will organize a working atelier for professionals of the dance field, under the same title combined with a beautiful program in the evening. Our weekly movementclass has become so successful, that we have decided to curate an XL series of ten, all with different themes, on every first Sunday of the month. Dialogue, which is an essential instrument to operate from, is as always at the forefront of all our activities, including a series of dance talks.

Looking back
Before we go into our summer holiday, I would like to wander just a little bit through yet another great season. Some beautiful developments were made, important insights were found and lovely works were created. To start with, a crisp and clear new website was developed, check it out if you haven’t yet and we can proudly say that once again we find ourselves in two different best practice lists with two of our EU funded projects, Dancing Museums and Communicating Dance. I would also want to mention Connor Schumacher and his very successful interactive movement-installation Transitioning Values that was part of Change the System in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen and his beautiful trio Transitioning Performance. It was the season in which Joseph Simon and Jonas Frey toured a lot with their playful duet Infinite Games. It was also the season in which we initiated a new international collaboration with the great arts centre Azkuna Zentroa in Bilbao. And there is much more, many conversations were had and valuable knowledge was shared. We’re now looking forward to the summer, – which has only just begun and has warmed us well lately with already a lot of sunshine-, to break away for a bit from work. And when we come back, we will celebrate our anniversary. Will you join us?

For now, have a lovely summer break, and hope to see you back in August!

Kristin de Groot
Director Dansateliers

Engel – Tom Rune Angell-Storö juliussen
Transitioning Performance – Hester Postma
An invitation to DANCE – Anja Beutler
Infinite Games – Lys-Y-Seng
Clara – Paul Sixta
Singular – Paul Sixta