Let’s meet: Danielle Huyghe

Danielle Huyghe is a dancer and choreographer. Together with Alexandra Verschuuren she forms the collective Strange Strangers, with which she participates in One Night’s Dance 2019.  

What are you most looking forward to in One Night’s Dance?
‘I’m excited about the fact that I will meet new young artists and the team of Dansateliers. I’m looking forward to work in a new environment. I like that we can perform our duet several times in Dansateliers and I hope that we can get constructive feedback on our new creation.’

What do you hope to gain in the process?
‘I hope to gain a better understanding about my responsibility in a collaborative project, I want to gain an understanding in how Alexandra and me work together. And I want to keep developing my own signature as a maker.’

What are your dreams for the future?
‘My dream is to establish myself as a professional choreographer and dancer in the Netherlands and Belgium. And of course I want to continue performing with collective Strange Strangers.’

What is typically you?
I’m addicted to coffee and when I create I drink even more coffee. I’m an extraverted, energetic, positive artist who likes to keep life light.’

You can witness the work of Alexandra and Danielle during one the eight One Night’s Dance performances from 28 November until 8 December 2019 at Dansateliers. See you there?

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Image: Paul Sixta