Home isolation with…Annejon Okhuijsen

Where and how do we find inspiration, do our job and keep on dancing and moving forward during the coronacrisis? Various dance artists and employees will give their take on that in the coming weeks. This week: freelance creative producer Annejon Okhuijsen.

What is it you do at Dansateliers?
‘I am mainly busy with planning and organization at Dansateliers. Currently I am the creative producer of Ingrid Berger Myhre. This means I take care of the financial and productional aspects of the artistic process. For example, I keep an eye on the budget, stay in touch with theatres and make the tour schedules. I also make sure that we keep in mind the long-term artistic and personal development in making decisions for the future.’

What do you like at working for Dansateliers?
‘It is very nice to share my love for contemporary dance with an enthusiastic team that is committed to the development of young makers. I really appreciate that my personal development is taken seriously at Dansateliers. I’m getting a lot of space to develop myself as a professional and there is always someone I can turn to for a bit of sparring.’

What do you do next to your work for Dansateliers?
‘As a freelancer, I am involved with several other projects in the cultural field. When I’m not working, I love to watch performances.  Next to that, you can find me sailing on the water as soon as I can. I also love the mountains and regularly visit them with a snowboard or hiking boots, depending on the season. When closer to home, I like to get away with my bike or scooter, and get an ice cream somewhere. Oh, and I’m also studying part time Contemporary Theatre, Dance & Dramaturgy at Utrecht University.

What keeps you occupied during this coronacrisis?
‘My days are starting to look less and less like real working days. Currently I’m mainly trying to reschedule canceled events. Where I can, I try to support people and think about scenario’s in which we slowly can return to to perform beautiful performances. I can’t keep this up all day, so I also spend a lot of time outside. I try to exercise regularly and drink a cup of coffee in the sun every day. And I try to complete my internship research in the midst of this crazy situation. For now, I try to take things day by day.’

Would you like to share a quarantine-art tip?
‘Of course! I would definitely recommend Lampje by Annet Schaap. This is actually a children’s book, but age does not matter to me. It’s an exciting story and Lampje is an incredibly tough lady. Really a book that you can’t put down. I also love the stories of ‘De Eekhoorn en de Mier’ by Toon Tellegen. Not all in a row, but a story a day or week offers some food for thought. And I recommend everyone to get out of the house every now and then. Especially with this beautiful spring weather, I like to walk or cycle. At a safe distance of course!’