De Dansweek Rotterdam

From Wednesday May 30 to Sunday June 10, the 5th edition of De Dansweek took place in Rotterdam. During De Dansweek the audience was able to experience a packed program with small and big theatre performances in the Schouwburg. As always, Dansateliers took part of the program. On Wednesday 30 and Thursday 31 May, Giulio D’Anna presented PANORAMA, in which Kristin de Groot (director Dansateliers) dances a special duet together with her partner Piet Rogie. The Theaterkrant described the work as “an intimate and tender visual portrait of long lasting love.”

Connor Schumacher presented his latest performance Transitioning Performance XL on Tuesday 5 and Wednesday 6 June. The piece premiered at Motel Mozaïque Festival and received no less than 4 stars in De Volkskrant. Transitioning Performance is a theatrical exercise in “being” and relating to one another . With projections and a special setting you are invited to reflect on existing thinking patterns.

The work of the young, talented choreographer Connor Schumacher […] invariably evokes numerous associations. His sophisticated placement of the dancers, in ever-changing compositions, makes you quickly suspect underlying relationships […] While in fact you only see clear and fixed patterns. De Volkskrant

More information about De Dansweek in Rotterdam can be found here.