Count down! Crowdfunding One Night’s Dance almost ending!

Support the dance artists of the future! Dansateliers is hosting a crowdfunding for our One Night’s Dance makers of 2019. With your contribution you will help our young choreographers not only make a beautiful choreography, but also enable them to finance for example costumes and décor to complete their performance. In that way they’ll be able to buy that blue lamp, pay for a composer or pay for a scenerythat suits their choreography. And most importantly, you will support emerging talent in their development as choreographers.

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One Night’s Dance

One Night’s Dance is the annual talent development trajectory of Dansateliers for early career choreographers. This year, Dane Badal, Suka Horn, Ian Yves Ancheta, Wennah Wilkers and the duo Danielle Huyghe & Alexandra Verschuuren will take on the challenge to make a choreography in a short amount of time. Dansateliers offers them workshops, artistic coaching, studio space, practical support and the opportunity to present their works eight times! An amazing opportunity for young talent to develop themselves! The presentations will take place at the end of November and the beginning of December in Dansateliers new Theaterstudio.

Help young choreographers start up their career!

All in all an amazing opportunity for the makers, but….we are a small organization with limited financial resources. Therefore, it would be amazing if you could help us out and contribute financially to provide them with a small budget. Will you dress our dancers? Will you let the talent of tomorrow shine in costumes and a set that suits their choreography? Help these young peeps complete their artistic works and contribute to the start-up of their careers!

We are grateful for every contribution we receive! Therefore we offer incentives forevery donation. View the incentives on de Voordekunst page!

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