Choreographers in the studio for Moving Futures Festival

On 20, 21 and 22 February it’s on: the traveling festival Moving Futures arrives in Theater Rotterdam and the Pauluskerk! In the coming weeks we keep you updated about all the ins and outs of the festival: which performances you can see, what choreographers moves and more! Today: everything about our première programme on February 20th!

This week choreographers Joseph Simon and Ibon Salvador Bikandi are working in our studio’s! They will present their performances #BlUR 1 (Ibon) and Chameleon (Joseph) in one double programme. Their performances are the result of an exchange programme with art centre Azkuna Zentroa in Bilbao (ES). This week, choreographer Ibon Salvador Bikandi arrived from Bilbao. In the coming weeks he works on his performance. Almost the whole performance will be in the dark, so this will be an interesting process!

Hacking the human body

Ibon researches how the human body withstands in an era where the virtual world takes more and more space. He bombards the human body with cinematographic references like zombie bodies, ghost bodies, automatons and cyborgs. In this way, he hacks and reprogrammes the human body.

Our own choreographer Joseph Simon will also work in the studio the coming weeks on his performance Chameleon. Joseph has been trained in classical ballet as well as in urban dance styles. In this performance he looks for similarities in these styles and asks himself: Can I be a chameleon? And, if so, what would it look like if I transform into different colours?

On Wednesday February 20th both performances will premiere in Theater Rotterdam- locatie Schouwburg. Are you curious about the result? More information about tickets you’ll find here.