Workshop-presentatie: Soft skills in dance

Sun 2 Oct | 10:30

Soft skills in dance – A handbook to enhance your practice

On Sunday 21 August in Bassano del Grappa (IT) a digital guidebook was presented as a result of the European partnership Empowering Dance 2. In it, examples and tools are shared to become more aware of how we develop basic human skills by simply dancing, alone and together.

In the frame of the program of the Dutch Dance Days Festival Kristin de Groot (director of Dansateliers) and Connor Schumacher (social choreographer) will present the guidebook in a workshop format.

What happens when we dance together?  When we make eye contact, extend a hand, or try to stay in balance with each other; what skills are we actually using?  What we practice is the art of being together.  We carefully navigate between our own reality and that of others. Dancing together brings us into the here and now, where we feel part of a whole, a community.   And what we practice physically reinforces how we can relate to ourselves and the world around us. And that determines how we approach others in our environment.

Learning to recognise what we are good at, how we care for others, how we deal with uncertainty and complexity and how we take or give space are some essential human skills, also known as soft skills, that we develop when we dance.

The more we practice these skills, the stronger they become.

What skills do you think you develop in your dance practice? And which of those skills do you take with you into your daily life?


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