Third Culture Jam / Training Sessions at Dansateliers, Rotterdam.

Sun 28 Nov | 16:00

The number of hybrid dancers code switching between cultures and practises of urban dance and formal contemporary dance education is increasing. It is time for a space for encounters and exchange: a ‘Third Culture Space’. A space for dancers and movers with a love for music, jamming, movement research and exchange to come together.

When: Sunday 28 November and 12 December
Time: 16:00-19:00
Price: €3,-
Where: Dansateliers, ‘s-Gravendijkwal 58A

The ‘open practice’ as is cultivated in urban dance (as a prominent example) is an important platform for exchange to happen, inspiration to be shared and ideas to be developed, so the dancers can grow individually as well as as a community.

These sessions are initiated by Dansateliers maker Joseph Simon. His choreographic work revolves around exploring the ‘third culture spaces’, in which the cultures of ballet, contemporary dance and urban dances can blend to gain new forms and practises. This is driven by the search for identity in our post-colonial and globalised society.

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