Cancelled: Moving Futures Day 1

Fri 20 Mar | 21:00

Première programme: Cold Hawaii / Loser

Cold Hawaii – Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiassen (PREMIÈRE)


Start: 21:00 | Location: Krijn Boon Studio

The premières of Cold Hawaii by Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiassen and Loser by OSA+MUJIKA are the result of an exchange program between Dansateliers in Rotterdam and the Spanish art centre Azkuna Zentroa in Bilbao. They are part of the Rotterdam edition of Moving Futures Festival.

In Cold Hawaii, Sigrid layers text, movement and sound and aims to find the places where they cross and meet. How do they become the same and yet again different? Weaving in and out of each other, it becomes a bodyscape, sending out vibrations form a broken heart, seeking pleasure and pause.

Loser by OSA+MUJIKA is about the constant need to show a perfect life, in order to fill an endless void. It’s about the criticized, sometimes envied generation called Millennials, that hides a deep, true unhappiness. How to deal with a void that we never manage to fill?

As much as it is worth by Marta & Kim will separate the two solos. It is a work in which two performers, a circus artist and a dancer, find themselves in an off-balance situation. By the use of strength, stamina and trust they search for momentum and take on different roles.

After the shows you are welcome for the opening drink and join the makers for a talk about the performances.

Also on show On 19.30h, prior to this program in the Haltheater, Moving Futures Festival starts with Show Me by The 100Hands.