Movement Class XL with Connor Schumacher

Sun 1 Dec | 13:00

Every first Sunday of the month you can join an extended version of the Movement Class in Dansateliers. The class is an in-depth introduction to the movement material and working methods of the choreographers. By the use of physical exercises and tasks they will take you along an exploration in improvisation, performance and body-awareness. Professional dancer, amateur or never seen a dancefloor before? No problem, the lesson is open for everyone.

In December Connor Schumacher teaches the Movement Class XL, who will make his first form of research into ARK, a concept for a physical mental exercise studio. The 3 hour class will be segmented in 3 parts: SOFTCORE / HARCORE / STATE OF DANCE. SOFTCORE / HARDCORE will be guided by physical tasks and metaphors. STATE OF DANCE a social dance space, open dance space. Connor will throughout the class ask you to question your experience to see how participants engage with their own embodied behavior.

You will get warm. Bring clothes to move and sweat, a bottle of water and a snack.

Not everything about this will be easy.
But this will be a physical and mental state of practice.
Building strength both mentally and physically.

The guidelines for the class are:
Yes to dancing! – we will dance
Yes to taking space! – we will see this space and our ability to move freely as a privilege, and will practice as such.
Yes to giving space! – we will practice sharing that privilege with respect for other people no matter who they are
Yes to shaping space! – we will shape this space together to create a space where we search for the values of every body to succeed in what ever state they find themselves in.

Yes to the soft body! – we are all soft humans
Yes to the strong body! – softness and strength are not opposites
Yes to the curved body! – Nothing in this life is straight
Yes to the social body! – We can not live this life alone. We will practice the values in which we want to be together.

Yes to every body! – No experience require. Only respect for yourself and others.

Every first sunday of the month
Time: 13.00-16.00
Location: Dansateliers
Price: 15 euro

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