Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue revolves around the reality of dreams. How real is our consciousness and unconsciousness? Danielle & Alexandra explore this by using the anxiety one can feel within a dream as an entry point for their performance.

This project is part of One Night’s Dance 2019. One Night’s Dance is the annual talent development trajectory of Dansateliers for early career choreographers. This year, Dane Badal, Suka Horn, Ian Yves Ancheta, Wennah Wilkers and the duo Danielle Huyghe & Alexandra Verschuuren will take on the challenge to make a choreography in a short amount of time.


Thursday 28 November                   20:30h
Friday 29 November                        20:30h
Saturday 30 November                   20:30h
Sunday 1 December                         17:00h

Thursday 5 December                      20:30h
Friday 6 December                           20:30h
Saturday 7 December                       20:30h
Sunday 8 December                         17:00h

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Beeld: Daphne van de Velde

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