No man is an island

In this acrobatic dance duet by choreographer Erik Kaiel, the body of one dancer serves as a sort of climbing frame, island, underground that draws, throws and pushes the other so as to stay on top. An unbelievable bodily dance performance bursting with the art of climbing and balancing.

Erik Kaiel developed No man is an island during Dansateliers’ anual makers trajectory One Night’s Dance in 2006. In 2018 the piece is one of the One Night’s Dance-specials as a celebration of Dansateliers’ 25th anniversary.

“In No man an island two highly interplayed performers discover how one person always needs the other. One is like an island; a foundation of trust and certainty, while the other is in search for more without ever breaking the connection. Erik Kaiel has a playful approach as a creator, his work appeals to the imagination of many and is performed manifold around the globe. No man is an island was made in 2006 during One Night’s Dance and then toured extensively. It is an appealing example of how a small piece of work that was made as part of a start-up project can take on a huge flight.” Kristin de Groot, Dansateliers, 2018

On show during One Night’s Dance 2018 from December 6-9. Info & tickets here.


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