Looking back at the Masterclass Leadership through Movement

Experiencing leadership through movement… We had the fantastic opportunity to dive into this subject together with performer/choreographer Ido Batash and psychologist Anna de Hoog in the Masterclass Leadership Through Movement part of Moving Futures Festival Rotterdam. On Sunday March 18th a group of 25 curious participants opened themselves up for a two-hour exploration of leadership through movement, posture, groupdynamics and expression. What is the basis of good leadership? When do we experience being led by someone, and when do we feel that we influence someone else?

“A playful way to get in touch with your “inner” leader / follower. I am much more aware of what this entails withing a group!”

“I was moved by the fun leadership can be and that it is allright to be a follower. I lead my own life!”

“I experienced that being able to follow (less ego) is also a good characteristic of leadership.”

“It was really important to notice the reflections of my own feelings through movement and the way I could feel my core and express my honest reactions.”

Thank you everyone that took part. Check out the photo’s below.