RIDCC selection Dansateliers

From June 21st to 23rd, the first edition of the International Rotterdam Duet Choreography competition took place in Theater Rotterdam. As one of the partners, Dansateliers selected one of the participants for a research-residency. Below we speak with Kristin de Groot, director Dansateliers, about her selection.

Which dancemaker did you choose?
I have selected the young maker Robin Lamothe. Robin is a choreographer from Lyon (FR), who is in the very early stages of his career and who is very determined to pursue his ambition to be an independent choreographer. During IRDCC he presented the duet Mémoire d’un Oubli.

Why did you select Robin Lamothe?
The piece Mémoire d’un Oubli caught my attention because of its simple and consistent proposition. It has a direct reference to social dancing, that triggers the imagination, affects the senses in a kinaesthetic way and mesmerizes by the use of a set of ongoing ‘feel good’ movements. There is a clarity to the choreography, that is supported by nuanced, subtle and thoughtful compositional choice making.

One can see that Robins’ work is founded on solid research to explore and discover new forms, that find their way both through the moving body and the proposed composition. Robin, his work and his search for innovation, fit perfect within the context of Dansateliers.

You did not choose a finalist. Is there a reason why?
The IRDCC is labelled as a competition, but we’re talking about art, so I don’t look at it in terms of winners or losers. Each partner looks at the work from their own perspective and specific context. We take into account how the selected work fits within our surroundings and what we can offer the artists. Dance has many appearances in form. For Dansateliers I am very particularly looking for a contemporary one. We look for work wherein dancers are human beings, using a movement language that we do not necessarily recognize as, or connect to a specific technique and virtuosity. Technique and virtuosity can reveal themselves through subtlety, something I found evident in the work I selected.

What does the Dansateliers prize consist of?
In consultation with Robin we offer a two-week residency for the coming season. During the residency, Robin is offered studio space and coaching from our entire team. The work period will be concluded with three studio presentations including the possibility to enter into a dialogue with our audiences. If you feel curious and want to follow this maker, keep an eye on our website.

Photography: Marco Swart

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