Movement Class XL with Connor Schumacher

As of September 2nd, we start with a series of extended Movement Classes that will take place every first Sunday of the month. The Movement Classes XL are taught by different choreographers connected to the house and and are open to everyone, no experience required. 

The teacher of the first Movement Class XL on Sunday, September 2nd is choreographer Connor Schumacher. Before the start we asked him a couple questions about the class.

What is the concept of your Movement Class XL?

If you have come to one of my movement classes before, you will be familiar with my approach to using the metaphor of – Everything opens and everything closes – and my research into using physical metaphors of opposites to explore creating movement in your own body. In this three hour Movement Class XL I will be searching to push forward into shaping this research into a form of what I like to call:
“High Intensity Metaphors”
A form of persistent, dynamic physical research that bends the borders of your mind.

What can the participants expect during the class?

Exercises based of opening and closing imagined states of being both rational and irrational.
Expect to be:
Soft / Hard
Fast / Slow
Opened / Closed
One thing / Many things
Together / Alone
Tensed / Released

What else will be explored?

During the class I want to explore how many things, how many characters, how many ideas and how much energy a group can generate when pulling from the archive of the individual and communal body. I want to exercise this practice.

Can you tell us, what we can gain from the class?

Stamina for life…

Read more about Connor Schumacher here.

Want to join?

Connor Schumacher teaches the Movement Class XL on Sunday September 2nd.
Time: 13.00-16.00
Location: Dansateliers
Price: 15 euro