Last studio presentation of the season!

Meet the newest work of choreographers Loïc Perela and Igor & Moreno during their studio presentation! During the studio presentation you see the result of their research periode at Dansateliers. Loïc Perela presents the first research for POLY, while Igor & Moreno are in the last phase of the creation process for BEAT.

beat – igor & moreno

Igor & Moreno present the result of the last phase in the creation process of BEAT. What does it mean to be part of a generation that was brought up with the promise of endless possibilities? It departed from using personal limitations and areas of incompetence as creative triggers and investigating how to overcome them with joy, unashamedness and resourcefulness.  BEAT is a celebration of the fatigue, pain and uncertainty of deciding day by day – moment by moment – who we are.

poly – loïc perela

During his two-week residency at Dansateliers, Loïc and his dancers will start their research for the new performance POLY. POLY stands for countless possibilities. Similarly as a rainbow is the result of the rain and the sun coming together, POLY is the sum of bodies, sound, light, space and visitors.

With bodies as generators of energy, an origami of encounters folds and unfolds. Bodies move the sound as well as each other in a space constantly redesigned by the ongoing morphing of the light.

During the studio presentation, you will see the outcome of the research of the choreographers.

21 June     20:30h
22 June    20:30h
23 June    17:00h

Location: ‘s Gravendijkwal 58-B, Dansateliers, Rotterdam

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