Connor Schumacher awarded with the Prize of the Dutch Dance Festival!

During the Gala of the Dutch Dance Festival, Connor Schumacher is awarded with the Prize of the Dutch Dance Festival. This fills us with great pride and joy! The prize provides in a financial support of €10.000,- for a new production that will have its’ premier in the frame of the Dutch Dance Festival 2020.

Kristin de Groot, director of Dansateliers: ‘I am so happy that Connor has won the prize, as I truly believe he is a one of a kind unique talent. He developed in such a beautiful way. He is articulated in the choices he makes and has developed a very recognizable artistic signature, with a distinct aesthetic. His work is layered, thoughtful, witty and politically and socially engaged. He really moves the audience with his work.’

Marta & Kim, associated to Dansateliers, were also nominated for the Prize, which is a huge honor and much deserved given the fact that their collaboration has led to the beautiful work Engel. We’re as proud of Marta and Kim as we are of Connor.

Dansateliers associated choreographers Giulio d’Anna (2013) and Loïc Perela (2015) were previously awarded with the Prize of the Dutch Dance Days.