One Night’s Dance 2021

Fri 11 Jun | 20:30

Discover the youngest work of the next generation dance artists! During One Night’s Dance you’ll see five unpolished, short performances made by artists selected by Lloydscompany and Dansateliers.

Kelly Bigirindavyi, Hassani Le Couvreur, Argil Randon, Luciano Hiwat, Jim Buskens & Just van Bommel en Ashley Ho & Domenik Naue accepted the challenge to make their own, new work in a short period of time. 

They have various backgrounds in the dancefield: some are studying at a (dance)education, others are traveling the world for battles and shows or are pursuing their interest in art forms as f.e. poetry next to dance. What brings them together is their love for dance and their will to learn from each other.

Lloydscompany and Dansateliers invited them for the talent development trajectory One Night’s Dance, in which they receive artistic coaching, studio space and practical support concerning production, publicity and business. Come and see the result of in the theatre of the HBS at the ‘s-Gravendijkwal in Rotterdam. Don’t miss it! 

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