HOLD try-out_Dansweek 2022

Wed 8 Jun | 19:30

Everybody is practicing — holding it together
Come move with us towards the club of the future – Welcome to the HOLD

It is a celebration, a process, a cry for help and a helping hand. HOLD is a dazzling revue show in which we move with and towards each other. Six experts in the fields of social and spatial design, art and science create a space that embraces the diversity and complexity of our society. They invite you to participate in this collective practice of active living together. In this way, HOLD becomes an interplay of voices and art forms that together build an inclusive community, working from everyone’s own strength, quality and perspective.

Everybody is an actor
Everybody is a performer
Everybody is rehearsing
Everybody is practicing – holding it together

We dance
We make contact with each other
We are confronted with our limits
We explore our intentions towards ourselves and others
We let our voices be heard
In short scenes we rehearse the metaphors we live by
We practise our habits and social interactions
We dance with ease and discomfort

Expect joy, effort, a smile and a tear

What role do you play as a person (or: individual) in this space? What place do you take, how much place do you take and also, how do you relate to each other?

Photo: Jeisson Drenth
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