An invitiation to DANCE – Loïc Perela and Noud Heerkens

Tue 27 Nov |

On Tuesday 27 November Lisbon Screendance Festival – Inshadow Festival 2018 shows the short film An invitiation to DANCE from Loïc Perela and Noud Heerkens.

An Invitation to DANCE is an exploration of the experience of dance by choreographer Loïc Perela and filmmaker Noud Heerkens. The film installation offers a dance arena where visitors can immerse themselves in the world of the dancers. In the installation there are no surroundings, and no notion of time. There are five bodies, five individuals, all existing unto themselves. They cannot stop dancing, that’s what makes them human. They form an autonomous world that follows its own rules where the visitors are invited to join the dance.

Next to the installation An Invitation to Dance exists of a fifteen minute dance film.