“Dance In Four Colours”: ensemble led by Sun-Mi Hong

“Dance In Four Colors” is a contemporary ensemble led by Sun-Mi Hong that combines drums, electronics, strings and dance. An improvised combination of Hong (North Sea Round Town, Artist in Focus 2021) and keyboardist Philipp Rüttgers, forms the basis of “Dance in Four Colors”. This foundation of percussion and keys is supported by strings, wind instruments, synths and bass.

Hong’s dream to combine modern jazz with (partly improvised) dance comes true in this project, in which a collaboration with dancer and choreographer Joseph Simon and Dansateliers is central. The Four Colors are represented by four professional dancers, each with their own language, style and philosophy. Expect contemporary dance improvisation, breaking, hip-hop and house. Inspired by the varying disciplines and energy of the dancers, Hong and Rüttgers have composed matching pieces.

In the first half of 2021, the group of musicians and dancers worked towards a premiere, which can be seen on Wednesday 7 July during North Sea Round Town in De Doelen. On Sunday, July 4, a try-out of the show will take place in Dansateliers, where there is room for a small group of lucky people.

“Dance In Four Colors” is an initiative of Sun-Mi Hong in co-production with North Sea Round Town, de Doelen and Dansateliers.

Image:  Ho Sung Joo

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