Lands for Concert

During their residency at Dansateliers Jija Sohn and Adrea Avazala explore how the power of imagination can manifest itself. What are the conditions needed for the imagination to support freedom of expression?

Lands for Concert is a new research project by Andrea Zavala and Jija Sohn. After three years of working on their own artistic signature, the two now bring their different backgrounds in dance, cultural studies and visual arts together, in order to come to a new artistic language. In January 2019, the two makers take the first steps of this new research during a short residency in Dansateliers.

Both Andrea Zavala as Jija Sohn gratuated from the School for New Dance Development at the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten. Jija Sohn previously collaborated with Dansateliers as part of her creation Geisha’s Miracle in 2016.

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