Movement Class: The Online Edition

Mon 19 Apr | 20:30

Meet your fellow movers during the online movement class. In a 60-minute class we will move together alone from home. The class will be hosted via Zoom.

The online movement class will be given by various dance artists that are connected to Dansateliers. They all have their own approach to movement, therefore each class is unique and it’s always a surprise what we will be doing. One thing is always the same: enjoying moving together and a class that can be followed by anyone. Experience is not at all required!

This week: TyLee. ‘Music is leading for me. I will prepare several kinds of music that will take us to a movement language. We will explore threads, fixpoints, focus & spirals. I invite you to step into the online movement class with an open mind and to give me permission to accompany you along this journey.’

For whom? Everyone who loves to dance and move from home. No experience required!
Where? Your house
When? 20:30-21:30h. You can enter the Zoom-meeting from 20:15h.
How can I join? Buy a ticket (tickets available until 30 minutes before the start of the class). 30 minutes before the class starts, you will receive the Zoom-link and password with which you can enter the class via email.

buy ticket

Before the class starts, please make sure:

  • You’re having enough space to move
  • Have some water on the side, so you can stay hydrated
  • Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely
  • Turn your microphone of

Please note: By taking part, you declare that Dansateliers is not responsible for any injury sustained or damage caused by the participant during the class.

Foto: Arie Bon Photography