danielle huyghe & alexandra verschuuren

Alexandra and Danielle form the collective Strange Strangers. In 2018 they presented their first performance Under, Stand. With this piece they performed in the Netherlands and abroad. This year they participate together in One Night’s Dance 2019.

Danielle Huyghe

Danielle Huyghe (1997) was raised in Belgium, where she was trained to be a contemporary dancer and dance maker at Kunsthumaniora Hedendaagse Dans in Antwerp. After her graduation, she chose to continue her studies at the Bachelor of Dance at ArtEZ (Arnhem). During her education she developed herself as a dance maker and performed her work several times outside of school, a.o. Its Festival, Deventer Schouwburg, Theater aan de Rijn and Huis Oostpool. Next to this she gained experience by working with choreographers  Anton Lachky, Iris Bouche, Filip van Huffel, Ann van den Broek, Yasemin Kandemir, Karin Heyninck, Dario Torterelli and Caroline Finn.

As a maker Danielle researches how sound, costuming, physicality and other elements attribute to the atmosphere of a piece and can have an alienating effect.

Alexandra Verschuuren

Alexandra Verschuuren (1997) grew up in Ohio (US) and moved to Belgium at a young age. Here she discovered her curiosity for choreography and composition at the Kunsthumanoria Hedendaagse Dans in Antwerp. Currently she studies at the Bachelor of Dance at ArtEZ (Arnhem). In school she worked with Ann van den Broeck, Anton Lachky, Keren Levi, Caroline Finn, Dario Torterelli and many more. Besides that, she is working individually and collectively on various projects.

Through creating, Alexandra strives to continue developing herself and her understanding of the environment she lives in.

Image front page: Paul Sixta


Movement Class: danielle huyghe & alexandra verschuuren

Mon 4 Nov

Open to everyone interested in movement, body-awareness, choreography and dance. No experience required.