The State of Dance

Fri 7 Jun | 16:00

For a short period of time Connor Schumacher will declare the Schouwburgplein ‘The State of Dance’. In this time, a flash rave will emerge.

The values of dance will move you! Connor, together with DJ Peter Fonda will provide the borders where freedom and sincerity course through your veins alongside the rush of blood and adrenaline.

Don’t ask what you can do for dance, ask what dance can do for you.

Dates: 7 & 8 June

16.00h : Start with DJ Peter Fonda and Connor Schumacher
17.00h: Guided Rave
18.00-20.00h: Free raving in The State of Dance

Location: Schouwburgplein, Rotterdam
Price: Free

The State of Dance is part of the Dansweek and of 25 Years Dansateliers: Celebrating Movement. Continue your evening at 20:30h in Theater Rotterdam Schouwburg , where we will continue with a festive evening program with lots of dance. Click here for more information and tickets.