The Fool – guided tour

Sun 23 Sep | 14:00

This fall (2018) choreographer Connor Schumacher develops The Fool, a theatrical guided tour for the exhibitions Prosecute my Posture in De Garage Rotterdam and Pure Rubens in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. The first introduction to the new character takes place on friday August 31st during the opening of Prosecute my Posture in De Garage Rotterdam at 20h.

Using the basic metaphoric code of Opening and Closing, The Fool analyzes what is real, what is moving, what is meaning and what are the myths we gather around us. The Fool helps us to reflect on the body and its ability to perceive its surroundings and the way it uses the past and the future to help construct meaning for our survival.

Prosecute my Posture – De Garage Rotterdam
From August 31st to October 28th, the exhibition Prosecute my Posturewill be on show in De Garage Rotterdam that is formed around the theme of the vulnerable body. For the artists in the exhibition, the power of image and language is an important starting point. A second similarity is the emphatic presence of movement and/or performance. The artists all use this as a medium to map the identity, vulnerability and dignity of the body in a both catchy and mysterious way. More info here.

The Fool – guided tour
Sunday, September 23rd, 14.00h
De Garage Rotterdam

Participation free, excl. ticket exhibition