Rave Studio Session with ARK/Connor Schumacher

Wed 2 Jun | 20:00

Rave online with Connor Schumacher! Open to everyone, no experience required. ARK / Connor Schumacher is back online with 15 rave sessions as part of the European research project Empowering Dance.

We hold space for
The soft body
The curved body
The strong body
The social body
The unseen body
The body that does not stand still
We make way for
The body that needs to move!

We use anatomy to reframe knowledge. It is no longer a question: society would be better off if we danced every day.

By participating in this session, you participate in a research project
This rave session is part of the European research project Empowering Dance. We gather thirty minutes before we start dancing, in which you will be welcomed and you will receive more information about the frameworks of this dance experience. After the dancing we talk for another half hour and exchange our thoughts and experiences. A short questionnaire also follows.

With this questionnaire, Connor Schumacher wants to reach consensus about how and with what skills people feel involved in the sessions. He also investigates how the skills together can form more complex metaphors that say something about our human behavior. The questionnaire is anonymous and the result is shared as a form of reflection and as a starting point for exchange about this experience.

When? 20: 00-22: 00h. From April to mid-June every Wednesday evening.
True? Zoom go boom.
For whom? Open to any body – no previous experience required.
Tickets: 5 euros per session.

Photo: Anna van Kooij

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