Première program: Chameleon & BLUR #1

Wed 20 Feb | 21:00

Start: 21:00
Location: Krijn Boon Studio

The premières of Chameleon by Joseph Simon and BLUR #1 by Ibon Salvador Bikandi are the result of an exchange program between Dansateliers in Rotterdam and the Spanish art centre Azkuna Zentroa in Bilbao. They are part of the Rotterdam edition of Moving Futures Festival.

In Chameleon choreographer/dancer Joseph Simon researches the different movement languages he embodies. Some languages are hard to master, others are spoken by many or closely related to each other. By asking himself if it is possible to clearly distinguish the different languages his body holds, Joseph takes you on a surprising, physical journey.

In Blur #1 choreographer Ibon Salvador Bikandi tries to hack and re-programme the dancers’ body. He bombards the body with cinematographic references that are at the frontier of the human body, like zombie bodies, ghost bodies, automatons and cyborgs, until they stick to the skin.

After the shows you are welcome for drink and to join the makers for a talk about the performances.

Also on show On 19.30h, prior to this program in the Kleine Zaal, Moving Futures Festival starts with the première of Panflutes & Paperwork by Ingrid Lasse Myhre and Lasse Passage. Want to visit both the programs? Buy your tickets here.

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