One Night’s Dance + Boy oh boy I

Sun 16 Dec | 17:00

One Night’s Dance is Dansateliers’ annual start-up project for beginning dancemakers. Every year a selection of talented choreographers is challenged to each create a new piece within a limited timeframe. The makers explore boundaries, develop concepts, challenge bodies and fuse forms which results in daring and unpolished new work.

Program 13-16 dec

On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous – Maria Sartzetaki
HRT – Ellis van Veldhuizen
Solid dance – Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiassen & Elisa Zuppini*
Boy oh boy I – Connor Schumacher (special)

More info about the program here.

One Night’s Dance 2018 includes art & poetry by Anne van Winkelhof, Marjolein Roozen, Lotte Vermeulen and Jasmijn Krol.

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