Cancelled: Moving Futures Day 1

Fri 20 Mar | 19:30

Day 1: Show Me – The 100Hands

Start: 19:30 | Location: Haltheater

In Show me three female dance performers use their bodies, language and physical interaction to explore the do’s and don’ts around ‘looking, showing and being watched’ with an audience. Where do you place yourself? In the dark or close to one of the spotlights that illuminate the space? Who looks at who, what is revealed by what we look at and how easily do you look at someone when you are seen by others?

With references to online (sharing) behavior, Show me invites you to a shared experience, a physical game in which unquestioned social codes become visible and open to discussion. Everyone’s decency is at stake and the game also brings up some challenge and friction.

Also on show On 21.00h we continue with the festival-program in the Krijn Boon Studio with the premières of two solos made by choreographers Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiassen and Jaoitz Osa.

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