Dancing Museums II (seminar)

Fri 10 May t/m Thu 16 May

From May 10 – 16 the first Dancing Museums; the democracy of beings – meeting takes place in Nottingham, UK. Part of the meeting is the seminar: Why place dance in a museum/gallery?
More information about the meeting will follow here.

Dancing Museums; the democracy of beings is project in which different European dance-houses, a number of leading museums and the university Ca’ Foscari (IT) gather around the question: Can the presence of dance and movement in a museum context enhance the perception of art and heritage among the public? During the project artistic interventions in a museum context and the audience are central. An additional focus is the development of a framework for the development and improvement of knowledge and skills and a platform on which the knowledge on different forms of audience-engagement can be shared and transferred.

Dancing Museums; the democracy of beings will kick off in Paris, France on 14 October 2018 and runs until December 2021. During a long series of residencies, the dance organizations, the participating dance makers in various museums and in close collaboration with local universities, organize expert meetings and encounters with the museum public.

Would you like to know more about the first edition of the project? Watch the video report by Paul Sixta here.