25 Years Dansateliers: Celebrating Movement

Fri 7 Jun | 20:30

25 Years Dansateliers: Celebrating Movement is a dance spectacle to celebrate what we’re good at: versatile talent development, of which tonight’s programme is a nice example. Early career and more experienced dance artists will make the Kleine Zaal move!

The evening program is a celebration of a variety of works. Choreographer Joseph Simon will premier Ballet Russe tonight. We will also bring back some jewels from the past made by choreographers Jan Martens, Tabea Martin, Liat Waysbort and Marta & Kim. Don’t miss it!

Evening program – Kleine Zaal

Duet for Two Dancers –
Tabea Martin
Duet for Two Dancers takes a look at the anxiety of not living up to your own expectations, or those which your profession or society in general impose on you.*

Please Me Please – Liat Waysbort
Ivan Ugrin embodies the attempt of perfection. Transforming from male to female, from ballet dancer to porn star. How far will he go to please the audience? Who is this person behind this exciting, athletic and deceiving body?

Pretty Perfect – Jan Martens
Pretty Perfect is a preliminary study for the performance The Dog Days Are Over (2014), which was at the time the breakthrough for Jan Martens. In Pretty Perfect, the jump is central, as an attempt to reveal the human behind the dancer on the scene. This time, a new generation of dancers gets acknowledged with this work. You will see six Codarts students dancing the performance.*

Ballet Russe – Joseph Simon (première)
Ballet Russe is a duet verging between ballet and house dance. Inspired by the story of Les Ballets Russes, that stirred up Paris a century ago with their unconventional and foreign flair, Joseph seeks to reinvestigate the attraction of the exotic.

Also on show Dansateliers will party for two days! On Saturday June 8th, you can join the evening program with works by Marta & Kim, Loïc Perela, dance, party and more. And note! In the afternoon, choreographer Connor Schumacher will kick off the program on the Schouwburgplein with The State of Dance at 16:00. Will you dance with us? Click here for more information and tickets.

Exhibition From May 26th (opening) until June 23d, the installation An invitation to dance by Noud Heerkens will be exhibited in the contemporary art exhibition space TENT. The installation is based on and inspired by DANCE by Loïc Perela.* For more information, go to www.tentrotterdam.nl. 25 Years Dansateliers: Celebrating Movement is part of the Dansweek, from 5-15 June 2019 in Rotterdam.

* these choreographies have been developed in collaboration with Conny Janssen Danst, as part of talent development projects ‘Brand New’ and ‘DANSLOKAAL’.

Image: Le Faune, Joseph Simon – Image: Paul Sixta
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