One Night’s Dance 2023

Come and watch the work of a new generation of choreographers in six short performances!

Sofia Norman, Akif Dalkirann, Shaquille George, Guido van Moorselaar, Anja Milicic, and Sharasee Denz have taken on the challenge of creating a new piece in seven weeks. Six very different creators with backgrounds in contemporary dance, hip-hop, breakdance, freestyle football and more.

In addition to their own research, they are closely guided through the creative process and learn from each other during joint feedback sessions in the fields of choreography, dramaturgy, music, creative production, and communication. For several weeks, they delved into the studios to work on their own research and the creative process that comes with it. By pushing boundaries, further developing concepts, challenging bodies, and merging forms, new energetic and unpolished work has emerged.

From December 7th till 10th and from December 14th till 17th, they will present their work to the public.
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One Night’s Dance is the annual talent development programme for budding dance makers, produced by Dansateliers in collaboration with Lloydscompany and independent dramaturge Merel Heering.
One Night’s Dance is made possible by Gemeente Rotterdam.

© Jasper Spobeck | Oby Vision

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