One Night’s Dance 2022

One Night’s Dance 22

Come see the work of a new generation of dance makers in five short performances!

Yoko Haveman, Redouan Hergelink, Simon Granit Ossoinak, Vanildo Varela and Cicely Wijnaldum have taken up the challenge of creating a new piece in seven weeks. Five very different makers who have a background in contemporary dance, hip-hop, circus or a combination of these.

Besides their own research, they are intensively guided in the creative making process and learn from each other during joint feedback sessions on choreography, dramaturgy, music, creative producing, and communication. For several weeks, they went into the studios to work on their own research and the creative process involved. By pushing boundaries, developing concepts further, challenging bodies and fusing forms, new energetic and unpolished work has emerged.

From 8 to 11 December and 15 to 18 December, they will present their work to the public.

One Night’s Dance is the annual talent development programme for budding dance makers, produced by Dansateliers in collaboration with Lloyds Company and independent dramaturge Merel Heering.


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