bye bye 2021 – let’s go 2022!

Dear people,

Once again it has been a year in which we had to deal with (un)expected circumstances. The coronavirus still dictated our lives and limited our whereabouts. We all needed to be resilient, flexible and patient, which was not always that easy. Despite that, we are grateful for the variety of beautiful people who surround us, critically mirror us, complement us, reach out to us, support us and move and think along. 

With some of those people we started new and versatile partnerships: for One Night’s Dance we collaborated for the first time with our lovely colleagues of Lloyd’s Company. By doing so, an enriching conversation arose in the studio around background, context,  artistry and different  perspectives on dance.

We started CROWD – a European residency programme for artists with a community based practice. A unique opportunity for artists to  research, explore and exchange ideas. Together with Ark/Connor Schumacher we engaged in a collaboration with Theater Babel, working towards a world that allows space for everybody – every body –  to exist, which has already led to some heartwarming moments. 

We can happily say we have had a number of premieres with an audience (!) and we are super proud of the fact that three Dansateliers (co)produced works were selected for the Aerowaves annual Twenty. 

In January we will start working with a number of young artists and will share some new ideas around the usage of space and knowledge sharing, so stay tuned. In the meantime we hope for better times and being able to meet you all again. Have a lovely winterstop and a happy new year! 

Warm wishes, 

The Dansateliers team